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Making New Waves in Automotive Executive Search

CLM expands its global footprint with a new presence in Morocco. Hay Ryad, Rabat, Morocco: CLM a leading […]

What to expect for the Automotive Industry in 2024

Throughout 2024 we will see global competition between automakers and consumer demands for advanced features, see the effects […]

Futureproof Ep 8 | Sandy Stojkovski

This is episode 8 of the Futureproof podcast with host Taylor Nathaniel, Director of CLM. In this episode, […]

How to attract top talent in the automotive industry from an HR leader’s perspective

In June last year, it was believed one in six jobs in the automotive industry in the UK […]

Futureproof Ep 7 | Dr. Donald James

Welcome to episode 7 of the Futureproof podcast. Today, Taylor will be speaking to Donald James, Former President […]

Futureproof Ep 6 | Hans-Jürgen Braun

On the latest episode of Futureproof, Taylor speaks to Chief Operating Officer at Vitesco, Hans-Jürgen Braun. They discussed […]

Futureproof Ep 5 | Stephane Vedie

The latest installment of Futureproof podcast is here. In today’s episode, Taylor is in talks with Stephane Vedie; […]

Futureproof Ep 4 | Axel Maschka

In our latest episode, Taylor sat down with Axel Maschka, executive vice president of Hyundai MOBIS. As he […]

Futureproof Ep 3 | Art Blanchford

On the latest episode of Future Proof, we’re talking with Art Blanchford, Executive Vice President at Veoneer, about […]

Futureproof Ep 2 | Manfred Kwade

We are delighted to bring you the second episode of our new podcast, Futureproof! When we launched Futureproof, […]

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