Futureproof Ep 3 | Art Blanchford - CLM

March 12, 2021

Futureproof Ep 3 | Art Blanchford

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On the latest episode of Future Proof, we’re talking with Art Blanchford, Executive Vice President at Veoneer, about his incredible career in the automotive safety industry.

Having headed up teams in the States, Europe and Asia, Art is a true man of the world; and his vast experience has seen him take on roles as varied as sales, engineering, and everything in between. In a truly fascinating podcast, Art talks to us about how a love of cars led him to a life in auto, the challenge of overseeing billion-dollar companies, the importance of collaboration, and the future of the automotive industry. We also discuss electric cars, wellbeing in the automotive sector, and, of course, the pandemic. A must-listen for industry leaders.

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