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We place leaders into the following functions:

With growing pressure to source top talent from diverse backgrounds, boards are increasingly looking to Executive Search firms for support in achieving this. We want to partner with those capable of driving change and leaving a lasting impact on every organisation they join. Our tailored career services offer personalized guidance and support to you in finding your next Executive, Chair and management-level positions.

  • Operations

  • Operations is the engine room of the industry. Typically, we recruit from Plant Managers up to C-level across multiple locations. With increased competition and market pressures, the strategic and efficient approach to maintaining a profitable business is crucial.

    The successful integration of the latest technologies and manufacturing standards is often the difference between a successful organization and one that may not survive. We work with proven operational leaders who can take the reins and build stronger, more effective, and more profitable locations for your business.

  • Sales

  • Challenging political and economic conditions are putting more and more pressure on the OEM sales process to evolve. We represent candidates and decision-makers from Chief Sales Officers to Key Account Managers who have extensive networks with core tier 1 and OEM customers. Working across all areas, we cover both Hunter and Farmer personalities to help overcome industry challenges and drive growth.

  • Engineering

  • We specialize in sourcing the best technical leaders who truly understand the importance of Engineering in the automotive industry. These leaders play critical roles in navigating areas of development, design, and production across the plant.

    It is essential to have the right senior Engineering talent that can drive innovation, maintain quality, optimize efficiency, and ensure compliance.

  • Human Resources

  • Over the years, we’ve had the privilege of working with some of the most talented HR Executives around. We know what the core values and principles are of a strong HR leader. We understand the importance of key initiatives in your organization to promote alternative thinking, balanced decisions, and equal opportunities.

    The Executives we work with understand the unique metrics relevant to the automotive industry. They take charge of shaping the teams you need to be ready for whatever’s next. Because in a rapidly evolving industry like automotive, it’s more important than ever to have the right mix of skills and experience to keep you attractive, competitive, and sustainable.

  • Finance

  • We specialize in sourcing financial leaders that understand the automotive industry. Leaders who are used to low margins and fast-paced, ever-changing working environments with the need to anticipate and forecast issues way ahead of time.

    That’s why finding the right talent with the personality, knowledge, experience, and understanding to inspire transformation is of utmost importance.

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