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How to attract top talent in the automotive industry from an HR leader’s perspective

In June last year, it was believed one in six jobs in the automotive industry in the UK would be lost due to the pandemic. This was a dire time for most industries and the auto sector wasn’t immune to the economic downturn caused by Covid-19. However, in 2021, things are looking up and many industries are starting to rehire people. 

When you’re looking to rebuild teams, you need to ensure that you’re hiring the right person for the right job. And that means that you’re going to need to be attracting the best talent in the industry. 

But what exactly does that look like in 2021? What are the ideal candidates in the automotive industry looking for? 

Domenico Lusitano has had an impressive career leading up to his current position of Global HR Business Partner at Stellantis. His previous roles include HR director at Maserati and Vice President of Automotive Lighting. Here’s what he says candidates in automotive are looking for in 2021. 

Candidates are not just looking at salaries

The top talent in the industry is not only looking at numbers when applying for positions. They want to know more about the business. What kind of projects will they be working on? What are the company’s plans for the future? Is the leadership inspired and what exactly excites them about the business? 

It’s these questions they’ll be looking to have answered during interviews. 93% of potential employees find it vital to have thorough information on the company before making a decision. They want to know what the company culture is like. Is this a business that they’ll actually enjoy working for? More than that, does this company offer a healthy work/life balance? What are their values and how do they treat their employees on a daily basis?

Domenico gives an example of a company in Italy firing people by email. This is exactly the corporate culture that top candidates want to avoid in current times, which is why 83% of potential employees look up a company’s rating and reviews before applying there. Have you recently checked what your reviews say about your organisation? 

Transparency and clarity are key during the application process

First of all, is the job role 100% clear? Do they understand what their responsibilities will be if they choose to take on this position? Is the company being clear on exactly what it is that they are looking for in candidates? 

In addition to this, is the hiring manager being open and honest throughout the process? Are they upfront about what the interview and application period will entail? Establishing transparency early on can help maintain the interest of top candidates in the industry. 

Diversity and inclusion is crucial 

A recent report showed that for every incremental increase in diversity of 10% at a senior executive level, company earnings grew by 3.5%

According to Domenico, planning is vital if you want true diversity and inclusion. Organisations can’t simply decide to boost their diversity and inclusion by promoting certain people over a short period of time. There needs to be an active D&I strategy in place from the start. It’s important to know exactly what a diverse and inclusive workforce looks like in your organisation and what steps you need to take to get to that point. 

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