Futureproof Ep 7 | Dr. Donald James - CLM

June 30, 2021

Futureproof Ep 7 | Dr. Donald James

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Welcome to episode 7 of the Futureproof podcast. Today, Taylor will be speaking to Donald James, Former President of the Americas, Joyson Safety Systems. Donald started his career in a call centre and worked his way up to Director level. His advice to anyone starting out is: Don’t skip steps!

Donald also talks about the challenges of restructuring organisations, emigrating, cultural differences, his American leadership style, and ensuring the combination of cultures from different orginisations is one that thrives going forward

If you have any questions about the Futureproof podcast, CLM, or you’d like to feature as a guest on a future episode, please feel free to email me: taylor@clmdev.searchstack.co.uk 

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