Futureproof Ep 2 | Manfred Kwade - CLM

February 8, 2021

Futureproof Ep 2 | Manfred Kwade

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We are delighted to bring you the second episode of our new podcast, Futureproof!

When we launched Futureproof, we promised to bring you conversations with some of the leading lights of the automotive world to find out what makes them tick, discuss the biggest challenges right now, and get the download on how they’ve transformed and futureproofed organisations in our industry.

Episode 2 delivers that and so much more… We chatted to Manfred Kwade, Partner Automotive at WP Board Services about the huge changes facing the automotive industry which overarch the Covid-19 pandemic.
Manfred has over 20 years’ experience restructuring companies so he’s a goldmine of insight and expertise which he is now bringing to automotive, an industry facing unprecedented change and transformation.

Join our host Taylor Nathaniel, Director at CLM, as he asks Manfed all about innovation, new technology and how to effectively implement transformation projects in automotive organisations.

If you have any questions on the podcast or would like to feature as a guest, please get in touch with taylor@clmdev.searchstack.co.uk

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